Advanced Nutrients - Bud Candy

  • Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy is a latest generation fertilizer designed to improve the quality and quantity of flowers.

    Its unique formula, based on carefully selected sugars, amino acids and vitamins, helps stimulate bud growth and increase flower density, improving aroma, flavor and yield.

    When you give your plants the simple and complex carbohydrates of Bud Candy, you are offering them an instantly accessible source of energy that they can channel into floral growth. It also multiplies the reproduction rate of beneficial microbes in the root area by providing them with supplemental nutrition, this directly results in a larger root mass.

    In the end, Bud Candy provides flowering-enhancing plant extracts by boosting essential oils that impart greater potency, better aroma, richer taste, and sharper pigments for richer, more pleasing colors. Put it to the test Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy in your garden and you will see the extraordinary results for yourself.