Advanced Nutrients - Bud Factor X

  • The flowers grown on the vertiginous heights of the Himalayas produce an abundance of high potency essential oils to protect themselves from the incredible amount of ultraviolet light to which they are exposed. These are the same types of essential oils responsible for taste and aroma in plants. Bud Factor X triggers a systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in order to produce much higher quantities of essential oils and terpenoids in plants, which create a direct advantage in terms of taste, aroma and resin production, increasing quality but without sacrificing quantity. Additionally, these potent ingredients allow plants to better handle stress and delay fruit senescence and decay. Bud Factor X It also helps plants produce thicker stems and branches, causing them to generate heavier harvests. Finally, the supporting ingredients present in Bud Factor X as in the entire line of Advanced Nutrients, they enhance plant growth and flowering.