Air-Pot - Antispiralization Vase

  • The air pot are plant pots specially designed to encourage one better root growth and prevent spiraling.

    The air pot feature a unique design featuring grooved sidewalls with holes in the structure of the pot. When the roots reach the holes they are exposed to the air and undergo temporary desiccation. This process stimulates root branching and prevents them from growing in concentric circles around the pot.

    The goal of anti-spiraling is to promote the growth of healthy, fibrous, well-branched roots, which allow plants to absorb more nutrients and water from the soil. Healthy roots also allow plants to be transplanted more efficiently, as they don't need to be destroyed or pruned to remove the tangles caused by growing in a traditional pot.

    The air pot they are commonly used in horticulture, in the cultivation of trees, shrubs and potted plants. They can be used both outdoors and indoors and are available in different sizes depending on the specific needs of the plant.