Rolling Tray with Box - Wedding Cake

  • Make the act of rolling a special moment with the Best Buds - Vassoio con Box - Wedding Cake!

    With this Best Buds tray, you will have everything at your fingertips, conveniently stored in one place. On the top of the you will find a specially designed space for rolling, which makes the process even more pleasant and hassle-free, while the generous space below allows you to keep all your favorite products close at hand, without having to search around or risk to lose them. But that is not all! THE vassoi Best Buds they also feature unique and charming designs, inspired by the best strains of cannabis. With their style, i trays with Best Buds boxes they will catch everyone's eye and bring out your passion for this culture.

    You choose Best Buds - Vassoio con Box - Wedding Cake and turn your rolling moment into an experience of class and style.