BioBizz - Top Max - Bloom stimulator

  • Top·Max is a 100% organic flowering enhancer. It contains ingredients that promote the increase in size and weight of flowers, improve the storage of nutrients and produce sweeter and tastier crops and fruits. The way it activates the flow of nutrients is fundamentally linked to its ability to release minerals, calcium, iron and magnesium into the soil to stimulate plant metabolism. Top·Max it is really effective because it contains humic acids. The main source of these acids is an ancient substance found in the soil, known as Leonardite. It derives from trees and prehistoric vegetation, dating back to the Carboniferous, it existed about 300 million years ago. These acids are extracted from extremely rich sources of humic deposits, hidden deep within the earth. Their natural electrical charge attracts nutrients and minerals present in both microbiological soil and applied biological fertilizers. Fulvic acid combines with humic acid to maximize the energy of old plant cells, stimulating the formation of new ones. It can be used during the entire flowering period.