BioBong Buster - Detergente per Bong

  • BioBong Buster is the powder detergent for cleaning encrusted or dry Bong and Hookah that does not require stirring or mechanical actions. The detergent is composed of mineral salt modified with nascent oxygen. Product biological built through the modification of natural sodium salts treated with ultrasound and hydrogen peroxide, the salt is "filled" with oxygen. The new salt formed is very stable at room temperature, but ready to release oxygen above 60C°. When the salt reaches 60 degrees (for example in very hot water) the oxygen contained in it comes out vigorously, creating a redox reaction against carbon deposits, solidified residues of resin and oil. This is a radical solution that allows deep and homogeneous cleaning of all surfaces, even the most difficult to clean, an excellent cleaning result even in nooks and crannies. Respecting the neutral pH is the best guarantee that the product is not corrosive and will therefore leave surfaces shiny and perfectly clean.