Blunt Cyclones Hemp Cones - Blue

  • Try the addictive experience of Blunt Cyclones Blue, made exclusively with pure natural hemp.

    Through a masterful process, the hemp leaves they are carefully pressed to achieve an optimal thickness. Subsequently, they are expertly rolled and sealed in a plastic cylinder that preserves the freshness right from the source. These unique "Hemp Pre Rolled Cones” they embody the essence of craftsmanship and authenticity.

    I Blunt Cyclones Blue offer a wildly delicious taste experience, thanks to the intense note of Berries and Blueberry. Everything is fine Blunt Pre-Rollato it is ready to be filled, ensuring gradual combustion thanks to the particular type of paper.

    It is essential to highlight that these maps they contain neither tobacco nor nicotine, ensuring you an alternative free from harmful substances. Each plastic cylinder contains 2 Blunt Pre-Rolled, accompanied by a practical plastic stick to compact the combustion material.

    Explore a new way to enjoy hemp with i Blunt Cyclones Blue and enjoy the intensity of the Berries and Blueberry with every smoke.