Blunt Cyclones Hemp Cones - Wonder

  • Explore overtime Blunt Cyclones Wonder, made with pure natural hemp, an authentic smoking experience.

    The hemp leaves they undergo a careful pressing process to achieve the ideal thickness. Subsequently, they are skillfully rolled and stored in a hermetically sealed plastic cylinder from the outset, preserving freshness. These outstanding "Hemp Pre Rolled Cones” they embody the art and purity of craftsmanship.

    I Blunt Cyclones Wonder, flavored with Blueberry, offer an irresistible flavor and are said to be an aphrodisiac. Everything is fine Blunt Pre-Rollato it is ready to be filled, ensuring gradual combustion thanks to the type of paper. Also, every Blunt Wonder comes with a Filter Wood 7 Dank, previously "immersed" for 7 days in water and cane sugar, thus making it sweet and tasty.

    It is essential to emphasize that these rolling papers are tobacco and nicotine free, offering a healthier alternative. Each plastic cylinder contains 2 Blunt Pre-Rolled, accompanied by a practical plastic stick to compact the combustion material.

    Live a unique sensory experience with i Blunt Cyclones Wonder and enjoy the pleasure of Blueberry and the sweetness of innovation Filter Wood 7 Dank.