Dogma Organics - Supersoil 4 components

  • Discover the incredible power of Supersoil, the innovative made in Italy product by Dogma Organics. Thanks to many years of research and accurate tests, a unique recipe has been created, rich in nutrients and micro-life, to maximize the yield of your crops!

    Supersoil is a surprising organic preparation, made up of carefully selected ingredients from the best raw materials of natural origin. Its simplicity and intuitiveness make it ideal for all growers. Just mix it with a light soil at the beginning of the cultivation cycle and subsequently irrigate with dechlorinated water only.

    This recipe guarantees a constant supply of essential nutrients for plants throughout their life cycle. Supersoil contains NPK organic fertilizer with mixed vegetable compost and natural corrective Calcium Magnesium. Additionally, it is enriched with mycorrhizas, trichoderms, humic and fulvic acids to promote optimal root health and stimulate vigorous plant growth.

    With the Supersoil Of Dogma Organics, you will have the advantage of using a quality product, which satisfies the needs of your plants in a natural and effective way. Optimize your cultivation with the Supersoil and experience outstanding results.