Jilter ECO filters - Pack of 1000 pieces

  • Want to reduce the amount of tar, nicotine and other harmful substances in your smoke, while helping to protect the environment? Try the new ones Jilter 100% ECO filters, the ecological choice for a healthier and more sustainable experience!

    I Jilter ECO they are the result of research and innovation, designed to capture the harmful substances present in smoke, thus helping to preserve your health and the environment. These filters not only capture harmful particles, but are also plastic-free and biodegradable, ensuring your smoking experience is free from negative impacts on the environment. The use of Jilter ECO it's incredibly simple and convenient, making them ideal for those looking for a healthier, more sustainable alternative without compromising tradition.

    Each pack contains 1000 Jilter ECO 100% filters, with a diameter of 6 mm, offering you a long-term supply for your needs. Not only will you improve your smoking experience, but you will also contribute to a greener and healthier future.

    Make the eco-friendly choice today and order your pack from 1000 pezzi in Jilter ECO!