Jilter ECO Filters - Mini pack of 42 pieces

  • Explore the new age of Jilter filters, now in version 100% ECO.

    Renew your moment of pleasure with the new ones Jilter ECO filters, a sustainable and revolutionary alternative that reduces the harmful agents of smoke while respecting the environment. These filters cutting edge, with a diameter of 6 mm, offer an improved smoking session, smooth and with fewer negative impacts. With the aim of reducing tar, nicotine and other toxic substances, i Jilter ECO filters I am plastic-free and totally biodegradable, specially designed to give you a healthier experience.

    Each mini pack contains 42 filters.

    Choose the quality smoke you deserve, without compromising your ecological commitment. Order now i Jilter ECO filters and combine pleasure with sustainability. The future is here, and conscious smoking has never been so rewarding.