PROFAN - 20W Oscillating Fan

  • This oscillating fan from Garden Highpro is the culmination of a long-standing market demand: rotary clip-on fans that don't burn. The motor of this "little monster", of only 20W, is made entirely of first quality copper to guarantee the duration of its uninterrupted operation. Your grow tent will thank you.

    The fan clip is equipped with a patented holder which can be adjusted to pipes from 2 to 3 cm in diameter and which gives it a unique stability. The holder can be replaced with an extra strong clamp to fix it in different places, or use its support base for flat surfaces.

    It has two speeds, selectable through a practical wheel installed on the back of the device, in addition to the stop position.

    Incorporates a grille for air diffusion, with two operating options: fixed position or continuous 360º rotation at adjustable speed.

    Its swivel head allows a vertical movement angle of 45º and horizontally it offers an automatic rotation with an amplitude of 90º in order to distribute the air in every corner of the box.

    Never place the fan head down.