The Grateful Seeds - Barbara's Pie - Femminizzata

  • The Grateful Seeds - Original Edition

    The renowned Barbara Bid #23, the result of scrupulous phenotypic selection, was crossed with the famous one Key Lime Pie. The variant of Barbara Budd used in this cross, significantly oriented towards sativa compared to its counterpart used in the cross with FruitJoy, has been maintained to preserve its amazing sweet/chemical terpenes, similar to artificial peaches.

    The unique flavor profile of this strain translates excellently throughout solvent-free extraction, with a notable return estimated at around 4-5%.

    The decision to pair the Key Lime Pie with the Barbara Budd was driven by the goal of improving bud density and adding the signature internodal distance of the Key Lime Pie to the offspring. The result of this cross is a plant with a high production, characterized by a higher density of buds than the mother. The vast majority of phenotypes express sweet peach terpenes with a subtle hint of lime, offering a unique sensory experience.