Grinder in Wood and Aluminum - 4 parts

  • The Grinder in 4 parts of GrowLab is an elegant, high-quality accessory that grinds herbs, soft or hard, reliably and evenly. The outer part is made of precious wood, sanded with extreme precision.

    The Grinder it consists of 4 parts and 3 different rooms. By opening the wooden lid you reach the first tank, in gilded aluminum. The rhomboid-shaped aluminum teeth are very resistant and manage to chop the dried herbs with extreme ease. The nylon seal prevents friction, making the grinder super reliable and easy to use.

    The chopped flowers fall into the second tank, where there is a pollen filter that can be removed and changed, to facilitate cleaning operations or to insert the finer micron mesh and thus obtain a more valuable Kief. The buds remain in the filter, while the kief falls into the foil-lined final compartment at the bottom of the grinder and can be scooped up with the spatula provided.

    The Grinder GrowLab in Wood and Aluminum has a diameter of 60mm and a height of 59mm. It ships in its own packaging, and is perfect for cannabis enthusiasts.

    Spatula included.