Reverse Osmosis System

  • L’reverse osmosis it is a technology that exploits the ability of certain semi-permeable membranes to separate water from the substances dissolved in it.
    By applying a certain pressure (that water network), the water is forced to cross the membrane; the pure water (permeate) will thus be separated from the water containing salts (concentrate)
    The osmotic membrane which implements the most stringent level achievable (that of polyamides/polysulphone), behaves as a barrier against not only salts and inorganic substances, but also against organic substances with a molecular weight greater than 100; it is therefore an excellent defense against micro-pollutants, pesticides, pyrogens, viruses and bacteria contained in the water.
    • Membranes have been tested at 25°, 4.8 bar, 2000ppm as TDS.
    • Due to the different operating conditions, compared to the ideal ones in which they have been verified, the real production is about half of the theoretical one.