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Lumatek - Digital Ballast 600W MH/HPS

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  • digital power supplies Lumatek They are dimmable and produce a stable and constant light output which is ideal for controlled environment agriculture and horticulture and other uses where a precisely regulated output is essential. The feeders Lumatek they are microprocessor controlled and feature smart start with sequential switching, to turn the lamp on faster by managing the inrush current, with balanced load on the loop circuit to prevent switches from tripping. When dimming or brightening the lamp, the ballast uses the "soft dimming function" to gradually change the output power and protect the lamp. The digital feeder Lumatek it is extremely efficient, produces very little heat, and uses full circuit protection for safety, including open/short circuit, over temperature, over/low voltage, end of lamp life/rectification, and EMI suppression. Lumatek uses only the best quality electronic components. By selecting the switch setting SuperLumens(SL) increases the wattage, brightness and PAR/PPF levels at the lamps HPS. The feeders Lumatek both lamps light up HPS that the lamps MH (please note that the switch SuperLumens(SL) cannot be activated for lamps MH. The feeders Lumatek they are supplied complete with fixed cable connectors ready for immediate "plug & play" use.