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Lumatek - LED ATS 200W 2,3 µmol/J

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  • The series Lumatek ATS is a range of full spectrum LED grow lights with LUMLED LEDs and drivers Lumatek dimmable. This lightweight luminaire is available in versions from 300W (1 m2) e 200W (0.8m2) and is ideal as sole or supplemental grow lighting for the propagation, cloning, vegetation and flowering growth periods of indoor grown crops.

    With advances in technology and luminaire performance, high-quality LED horticultural lighting is now a credible option that offers a significant return on investment for growers. The full spectrum horticultural LED solutions from Lumatek they balance the quality of light (spectra) with the amount of light (intensity and duration) sufficient to provide single source lighting for the entire growth cycle from vegetative to flowering.

    The array of LEDs creates an even spread of light at a short distance from the crop, allowing for good penetration without hot spots and excessive heat. The innovative heat sink and use of passive natural convection has eliminated the need for a fan, reducing noise emission and significantly increasing the lifespan of the fixture as it has no moving parts.

    ATS is a highly efficient grow light with the da model 200W which produces 460 µmol/s PPF with efficacy of 2,3 µmol/J and is ideal for a grow area of 0.8 x 0.8m.

    Full spectrum

    LED lighting solutions Lumatek utilize a combination of white, deep red & far red LEDs to produce a high efficiency light source calibrated to provide a high intensity, stable and uniform output for optimal light absorption.

    Previous generations of LED grow lights used a combination of blue and deep red LEDs to target chlorophyll uptake peaks. While these solutions worked adequately, important spectra for quality plant growth were missing.

    Passive cooling

    The innovative design of Lumatek and advancement in LED technology have resulted in a high power LED grow light with passive convection cooling. This fanless design means no moving parts, hence LED devices Lumatek they are extremely robust with a long service life and run silently.