Pax Plus Vaporizer - Periwinkle

  • Discover dual use portable vaporizer perfection with PAX Plus! This extraordinary device allows you to enjoy unforgettable sessions with both flowers and concentrates, guaranteeing a smooth smoke free of harmful substances.

    Featuring innovative experience modes such as: Invisible, Efficiency, Aroma and Potency - PAX Plus puts control in your hands at the touch of a button. Adjust the size of the oven thanks to the lids included in the package, adapting the capacity of the device to your preferences.

    The innovative ones oven screens in 3D make cleaning easier PAX Plus, while the Multi-Tool redesigned and the maintenance kits make the cleaning process quick and stress-free.

    Perfect for taking on the go, PAX Plus boasts beyond 2 ore actual battery life. Plus, thanks to the oven's magnetic lid, your reserves stay safe and secure. Enjoy the absence of smoke and harmful agents thanks to this device covered by a solid one 10-year limited warranty.

    Enhance your vaping experience with PAX Plus where versatility, innovation and quality come together to offer you sessions of pure pleasure. Order now and discover a new dimension of vaporization!