RAW Hemp Wick Ball - Hemp Wick 30.5 metres

  • We present the Hemp Wick Ball di RAW, a spool of 100 feet (30.5 meters) of 100% natural and eco-sustainable wick. This product offers an eco-friendly, high-quality solution for your lighting needs.

    This wick is an exceptional product made with two primary and renewable natural resources: hemp and beeswax. The production follows traditional agricultural techniques that date back to antiquity, from sowing to harvesting, from maceration to drying.

    By choosing it Hemp Wick Ball di RAW support suppliers who adopt eco-friendly and pesticide-free cultivation methods.

    Use is simple and intuitive: turn on the end and tilt the Wick Ball up or down to control the flame. It is the natural alternative to traditional butane lighters and is the most environmentally friendly, authentic and natural way to light.

    You choose RAW for sustainable and genuine ignition!