The Grateful Seeds - Blowrange - Femminizzata

  • The Grateful Seeds - Limited Edition

    For this genetics the Blood Orange Sorbet di Dna Genetics, carefully selected by The Uncle Jack for its exceptional sherb/vanilla/orange terpene profile, then crossed with Orange Cookies Of Obsoul33t Genetics to enhance the vitality of the plant, improve its structure and intensify the delicious orange flavour.

    Selected years ago from a small batch of seeds, the Orange Cookies revealed the best profile of orange terpenes, with notes by freshly squeezed blood orange and with some nuances Cookies dessert. This variety has a robust structure similar to that of a Cookies, with wide internodal intervals, guaranteeing a remarkable yield. In the final days of flowering, the plant can develop a completely purple hue.

    Blowrange stands out for its suitability for dry sifting, thanks to its beautiful buds covered in resin. During testing, it turned out that Blowrange it is characterized by a medium-sized plant with considerable vitality. The terpene profile is closer to the maternal side, with a harmonious balance that avoids an excessive predominance of the tangie side. Opt for Blowrange it means choosing a strain that offers a fulfilling growing experience and high-quality results.