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The Grateful Seeds - Melon Madness - Femminizzata


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  • The Grateful Seeds - Original Edition

    The Pineapple Madness #30, aka Terps Bomb, crossed with the infamous Fresh Melon.

    Fresh Melon (Zkittlez x Watermelon Zkittlez) is a pianta a sativa predominance with a short flowering period, bred by @dyingbreedseeds and selected by @lachanviere.

    This variety was recently included in the collection of The Grateful Seeds thanks to its extraordinary bouquet of flavors, which ranges from cantaloupe melon with apricot, con suggestive acidic tropical notes similar to passion fruit. Genetic inheritance resulting from Watermelon Zkittlez guarantees exceptionally high resin production.

    Melon Madness wins the Dutch Flower Magazine Cup with the rosin jam obtained from this incredible specimen, in the solvent-free category, with the highest score ever obtained.

    From this genetic combination you can expect a plant a sativa predominance, with considerable elongation and ready for harvesting 60/70 days.