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The Grateful Seeds - Z Head - Femminizzata


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  • The Grateful Seeds - One Shot Edition

    The prestigious award-winning strain, Z Head, is the result of the genetic mastery of The Grateful Seeds. This exceptional hybrid arises from the cross between the legendary Zoz (Zkittlez x (Zkittlez x Og Eddy Lepp)), a creation of Diyng Breed, and the renowned 26mm (Allen Wrench x Zcube) Tue In-House Genetics.

    Since the first meeting with the Zoz, The Grateful Seeds has dedicated herself to meticulous research to find the perfect match and preserve her extraordinary profile WITH. The Zoz, a cross of Zkittlez BX1, is known in the Barcelona community for its terpenes It's tickling enriched by intense notes of gas and unique citric terpenes such as Bergamot.

    The ideal choice turned out to be 26mm (Allen Wrench x Zcube), a plant with extraordinary resin and vigor, with a terpene profile that integrates perfectly with the Zoz thanks to the contribution of Crush it in its genetic line, further intensifying the gas aroma.

    The final result, Z Head, is an award-winning creation that retains its mother's incredible terpene profile Zoz, enriched by greater vigor and superior resin production. The vast majority of phenotypes offer an authentic taste experience It's tickling, with an extra touch of gaseous intensity.

    Z Head, developed by The Grateful Seeds, is a productive and vigorous plant, full of terpenes and oily resin. Aimed at true fans of It's tickling, this variety represents an exceptional genetic achievement. Suitable for any cultivation method, it guarantees high yields.

    Discover the sensorial pleasure of Z Head, with its unmistakable terpenes that give a deep taste of WITHenriched by an intriguing hint of funky lemon kush. The Grateful Seeds invites you to choose excellence with Z Head, your most refined and award-winning growing experience.