Rolling Tray - Turtle Genius

  • This metal tray for rolling with the design of the Turtle Genius it is a unique and original piece that stands out for its style and practical functionality.

    Made in metal Durable and high quality, this tray is inspired by the iconic figure of the Turtle Genius, with accurate details and faithful to the original character. This makes the tray a must-have for fans of the manga and accessories for roles.

    The tray is sized to hold all your rolling essentials, such as flowers cannabis, rolling papers, grinders and any other tools you need. Thanks to the raised edge, it allows you to contain all the rolling materials in an orderly and safe way.

    This metal tray for rolling with the Turtle Genius it's a great addition to any rolling accessory collection. A unique, functional and colorful piece of design that will make rolling an even more fun and original experience!