Quietline Ø100mm - Silent Extractor

  • Vents Quietline 100mm it is an extractor silent ideal for improving air quality in growboxes, domestic or commercial environments. This product is designed to ensure efficient and noiseless ventilation, with an airflow of 100 cubic meters per hour.

    Quietline 100mm is equipped with an energy efficient motor, which consumes only 7,5 watt of electrical power, making it an environmentally friendly and economical choice. In addition, the elegant and unobtrusive design fits perfectly into any environment.

    Quietline 100mm it is easy to install and the high quality materials used for its construction guarantee a long life and resistance to corrosion.

    Choose Vents Quietline it means improving air quality and comfort in a silent and efficient way, with a product that satisfies the needs of those looking for high performance with low noise levels and energy consumption.